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Das Wundertütenkabinett

Managing Structural Bird Problems – Occupy empty nests

There are bird species that save themselves the bother to build elaborate nests and occupy the abandoned empty nests of their fellow con-specifics instead. The philosophical farmers heard about this and thought this made sense. So they learned from the birds, made the occupation strategy to their own and declared it as the production principle. But not for farming, that the Philosophical farmers shy away from, but for the production of books. Books to be used as guides in exploring nature by observation and experimentation.

They decided to make the book the nest.

They promptly encountered the American graphic designer and artist Julien Montague, who builds such nests: Faux books, artificial Books, that only consist of covers and are otherwise completely devoid of content. The Philosopical farmers were both excited and pleased about this, especially since one exemplar in Montague`s book world , invites visitors on an ornithological experimental arrangement.


Bird Catching

The Philosophical farmers gladly occupied this book and immediately began to contemplate: What are structures? What are problems? What are structural bird problems? And how they may be accomplished? It was quickly agreed, that help was needed.

So friends, acquaintances, lesser friends and the Philosophical farmers themselves were called upon, to deal in real text form with the issues that arose from the newly conquered nest.

Graphical material in anyway related to the texts were requested for each text. Because the Philosophical Bauer is artistic, he likes to watch.

And lo and behold, a flood of texts and pictures with comments, answers, reflections and also new questions regarding the structural bird problems and their possible solutions came from a colorful crowd of writers, artists, scientists and ornithologists: sixty feathered finds in total.

Ornithological “Lucky Bag” Cabinet

The Philosophical farmers were now wiser and the nest was more colorful then before, but it was also too small. Upon mutual agreement an ornithological nest escape into a lucky bag cabinet was created, that is more spacious and provides room for surprises.

Here the Philosophical farmers did their sweaty day’s work: reading and setting texts, disassembling graphical material, reassembling and preparing them as artistic prints.

Wrapping it up and sending the whole thing off to the printers. And in honor of Johann Andreas Naumann’s journal “The Philosophical Farmer” 222 year´s birthday,  have 222 copies printed – of course handcrafted, following the ancient farming tradition.

The Philosophical farmers reviewed everything, that they had created and behold, it was really good!