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To pay: liquor!

Plantations author groves

Sorbus Aucuparia, Sorbus Domestica and Sorbus Torminalis serve as the Philosophical Farmers harvest a wild fruit suppliers for precious distillate. The first planting took place in Korntal in the spring of 2013 (together with the

Landratsamt Ludwigsburg, Fachbereich Forsten and the city Korntal-Münchingen). In autumn the Philosophical Farmers plant in Dessau (together with the city of care as well as the Lower Nature Conservation Authority).

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Autorenhain Dessau rechts

Speierling Sorbus Domestica in Eppingen

Edelobstbrennerei Stählemühle


To pay the paperwork a wild fruit precious distillate is obtained for all authors of the Ornithological “Wundertütenkabinett” from the first harvest. By then, of course, more time will underline the country.

We report on our web site regularly on the state of growth, harvesting and processing, Christoph Keller will take over from the Stählemühle